SR Paints & Colours is a leading and trusted painting and building solutions provider in Coimbatore. SR Paints & Colours is renowned for its innovating offerings in the sector with a vibrant portfolio of paints and customized services unique to each customer.

The company’s founder K. Madhu’s passion towards bringing in quality solutions for discerning people has driven him to take the right step in the painting industry. And, SR Paints & Colours was born! Soon, SR Paints started offering supreme quality painting and building solutions for diverse industries such as automotive, construction, industrial and decorative sectors.

While we focus on innovative and tailor-made solutions, we ensure that the environment-friendliness is inherent in all our activities, processes and operations. Today, SR Paints has become a renowned name for its diverse range of interior, exterior as well as enamel finishes and building solutions. And, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our customers are delighted with our unique offerings.

Vans Gypbond Plaster

Why Us

Our Expertise:
  • Reliable & Agile Business Strategy – Advantage Customers.
  • Close to Two Decades of Expertise in Painting & Construction Industry.
  • World-class Infrastructure with Cutting-Edge Technologies.
  • Single-stop Painting & Building Solution Offerings.
  • Outstanding Quality at Reasonable Prices.
  • Reliable, Environment-Friendly Processes.
  • Wide-ranging Painting & Sanitary as well as Kitchen Products Line Catering To Diverse Industries.
  • Dedicated Production Line and On-time Delivery Excellence.


SR Paints infrastructure is fortified with sturdy equipment, architectural expertise, and service support. At SR Paints, we maintain an outstanding working standards as well as practices at a level that is unmatched in the painting and construction industry. Our capability to offer complete painting solution expertise, backed by cutting-edge technologies, is what makes us unique.

Infrastructural Strength

On a routine basis, SR Paints invests considerably in both equipment and technology to maintain its supremacy of being the leading painting and construction solutions provider in this region. We ensure that only standard paints and construction materials are utilized to deliver outstanding and tailor-made solutions for our customers.

SR Paints strategically invest in the installation of a diverse range of equipment including best-in-class customized paint solutions and construction consulting systems. SR Paints also uses third party components, which harmonize well with our quality standards.


Quality Assurance

auality assurance

“We Ensure the Most Advanced Perfect Painting Solutions”

SR Paints’ professional experience as well as meticulous quality system facilitates producing the best painting solutions and construction expertise of desired quality. SR Paints implements diverse stringent production processes, whereas our customized painting consultation as well as painting solution and building equipment are completely tested before delivering to our customers.

Through our quality-focused infrastructure, manpower and cutting-edge technologies, we provide complete painting solutions for interiors, exteriors, metal, wood and other items. We diligently strive to deliver custom-built paints and building associated products that represent industry leading quality, innovation and value.

Credibility & Referrals

We maintain a strong as well as lasting business relationship as we provide professional and timely solution to our customers’ needs. Most of our paint orders and construction industry requirements come to us through referrals, as we work with a single-minded goal of delivering quality painting solutions to our customers.

With latest technical and production capabilities, our well maintained operations have also enabled us in gaining goodwill amidst our customers. Today, SR Paints is one of the most trusted partners for many reputed customers and those in the automotive, construction, industrial and decorative sectors to seek and obtain excellent quality painting solutions.


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