Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sinks

SR Paints offers diverse range of kitchen sinks suiting your requirements and budget. We ensure excellent quality as our kitchen sinks are made by expert team of professionals who possess rich experience in the industry.

We ensure superior finishing of the kitchen sinks giving luxurious look and feel. Our kitchen sinks possess anti scratch properties and maintain their elegant look for many years. Whether yours is a traditional kitchen or modular kitchen, our kitchen sinks are ideal choice, as we ensure perfection in every finished product.

Key Benefits of SR Paints’ Kitchen Sinks

  • Adequate depth to keep more vessels
  • Easy to clean
  • Less filing time
  • No leakage
  • Cost efficient
Kitchen Sinks (Hafele)

Kitchen Sinks (Hafele)

SR Paints deals with top notch Kitchen sinks and a leading supplier of Hafele Kitchen sinks in Coimbatore region and we have a dedicated Kitchen sinks showroom in Coimbatore, offering perfect quality kitchen sinks to customers. SR Paints introduces Häfele’s range of kitchen sinks, which brings you the innovations in manufacturing technologies that surpass regularities in the market. We bring to you our exclusive range of Blanco sinks from Germany made of a unique, patented material called silgranit which will perfectly complement your elegant kitchen counter tops and create a whirlpool of functionality to meet your needs in cleaning and washing. The silgranit surfaces are easy to maintain, are scratch-resistant and are designed to last even in the most adverse conditions. SR Paints has offered many standard Kitchen sinks as a notable supplier of Hafele Kitchen sinks in Coimbatore region.

Kitchen Faucets (Hafele)

SR Paints has a display of diverse of Kitchen Faucets and a reputable dealer of Hafele Kitchen Faucets in Coimbatore region as well as Retailer of Hafele Kitchen Faucets in Tamil Nadu. We are capable of catering to the diverse kitchen faucet needs of our customers. At SR Paints, we know very well that the kitchen faucet is used throughout the day for many household purposes. Therefore it is essential to invest in a faucet that not only looks good, but is also built to last. Häfele knows that you see the faucet not only as a source of water-flow but also as an ornament that crowns your kitchen sink. Putting this into perspective, we have for you a contemporary range of kitchen faucets in modern and emerging designs. SR Paints as a dealer and retailer of Hafele Kitchen Faucets in Coimbatore region, ensures only the best quality.

Kitchen Faucets
Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom Faucets (Hafele)

SR Paints provides luxurious Bathroom Faucets and well-established Hafele Bathroom Faucets Wholesaler in Coimbatore and Distributor in India. Hafele Bathroom Faucets is an internationally renowned name and we are happy to be associated with Hafele to provide supreme quality bathroom faucets. SR Paints is happy to announce that Häfele offers you a contemporary range of bathroom faucets by Webert, Italy. This range is engineered to provide you with every imaginable design that would best suit your taste with no compromise on functionality. Whether it is the sinuous camber or the clean straight lines, Häfele delivers a shape to accommodate your varying tastes. The Webert range by Häfele is SR Paints hallmark, which epitomizes the harmony, essentiality and elegance of sleek, streamlined designs. This range can be incorporated on the edge of the bathtub, the shower wall, the washbasin or the floor and is available in the following finishes - matt black, matt white, glossy white, gold, steel and chrome. SR Paints brings only the top notch Hafele Bathroom faucets to Coimbatore.

Bathroom Washbasins (Hafele)

SR Paints is popular among Coimbatoreans as it deals with quality Bathroom Wash Basins. SR Paints is a wholesaler of Hafele Bathroom Washbasins in Coimbatore and a reliable Distributor located at Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. For your bathroom washbasins, SR Paints, with the help of Häfele, brings to you the versatility from different parts of the globe as a wholesaler in Coimbatore. Its range includes beauty areas by Webert, Italy that simply inspires magnificence and the attractive, child-friendly boing washbasins from Spain that cater to the inquisitive eye of your children with its exclusive collection from Spain.

Bathroom Washbasins
Bathroom Shower

Bathroom Shower Systems (Hafele)

SR Paints provides outstanding quality Bathroom Shower Systems. We are proud to share that we are the wholesaler of Hafele Bathroom Shower System in Coimbatore region and reliable Distributor located at Crosscut road in Coimbatore. SR Paints understands that showering today has transformed into a spa experience that relaxes your body, mind and soul; in short, it is an energy boosting experience that compensates for a relaxing massage. Häfele wants to only better the hours you spend in your shower with its exquisite range of shower systems.SR Paints shower systems are designed keeping two key factors in mind – the flexibility to give you what you want and the functionality of latest technologies prevailing in the market thereby transporting your senses to a place of unrivalled inspiration.

Bathroom Fittings and Accessories (Hafele)

SR Paints deals with Bathroom fittings and accessories for many years. We offer international repute Hafele Bathroom fittings and accessories, as we are the well-established Supplier in Coimbatore region and also a Dealer in Coimbatore. To enable the astute installation of our range of shower fittings and faucets, SR Paints offers you a supporting range of bathroom fittings comprising of wall brackets, hooks, elbows and arm supports. These fittings are made of high grade brass making them highly sturdy and durable. The chrome-plated finish adds to the surface protection while providing a complementary elegance to match the aesthetics of the showers or faucets. Through this range we also offer our category of health faucets matching the holistic proposition of functionality by way of operational efficiency and design. As a dealer cum retailer, SR Paints assures the best in standard Hafele Bathroom fittings to Coimbatore customers.

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