Concealed Water Tanks

Concealed Water Tanks

SR Paints’ concealed water tanks are technically advanced and there will not be any major damage to your construction. Our concealed water tanks are easy to install and relatively almost maintenance-free.

SR Paints’ Concealed Water Tanks not only offer the benefits of easy, quick as well as perfect installation but also come at a reasonable price. Our Concealed Water Tanks are ideal choice for those who are deprived of adequate space. Also, those who would like to ensure a clean space keeping an uncluttered environment will definitely like to install our Concealed Water Tanks.

Key Benefits of SR Paints’ Concealed Water Tanks

  • Occupies less space
  • Less maintenance - Rust-proof and corrosion-resistant
  • Less filing time
  • No leakage
  • Cost efficient
Concealed water tanks

Concealed Water Tanks (Hafele AQuaflush Concealed Cisterns)

SR Paints specializes in Concealed water Tanks and Concealed water cisterns as well as Concealed water Closets. SR Paints deals with international brands in concealed water tanks and a well-known Supplier of Hafele Aquaflash Concealed cisterns as well as a Dealer for Coimbatore region. For the first time ever, SR Paints brings in Hafele unique solution for WC units in the form of concealed water cistern that not only provides international functionality but also enables flexible and space-saving design possibilities within contemporary bathrooms. The entire cistern is ably concealed behind one of the lavatory walls with only a flush (or actuator) plate visible on the front-thus keeping the modern and elegant look of a bathroom intact. The available space above the WC unit can be used to create artistic wall renditions that complement that overall design of the bathroom. SR Paints Concealed water Tanks and Concealed water cisterns are mainly from HAFELE, which we offer as dealers in Coimbatore.

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